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Binsar Farm Staff Accommodation

Staff accommodation for 15 staff and a staff canteen for up to 40 people who work on a dairy farm. This project is located 2 hours drive from New Delhi in a small village called Janti Kurd.

The project was made up of 7 bedrooms, which each have ventilation panels, lockable doors and windows, charging points, lighting and fans. There are 2 toilets, 2 private bathing spaces, laundry and communal staff room, where up to 40 people can eat daily.


Staff Canteen

The Binsar Farm staff canteen services the staff that live onsite in the accommodation and those who stay off site. The canteen doubles as a meeting space and is the go to room for when visitors arrive to have tea before they get a tour of the farm. The concept was to create a space that can allow for equality between varying hierarchies - everybody eats here, directors, managers and daily labourers.

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