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Hatch Workshop is a research and design partnership from New Zealand who specialise in socially focused schemes for migrant populations in India. As a design - build duo, we partner with local craftspeople and workers with an intention of improving the quality of housing and associated amenities through appropriate incremental interventions. Our goal is to bring dignity to the conditions of transient overlooked citizens.

We recently finished building our second pilot of a temporary housing system for migrant workers in Ahmedabad, India, who live onsite with their families, sometimes for several years in very poor conditions.

The project in Ahmedabad will accommodate up to 400 people, it includes a creche for 70 children and communal kitchen and sanitation facilities for a further 70. It has been commissioned by Nebula Infraspace, for the construction workers and their families building their housing project 'Aavaas by Nebula'. It is located in Changodar. It is in the final stages of construction.

Our first project was commissioned by Binsar Dairy Farms and is located on their dairy farm near Janti Khurd Village, Haryana, India. This project accommodates 15 farm workers and includes a staff canteen for 30 - 40 workers to eat daily.