Nebula Labour Colony

This labour colony was commissioned by a reputable Ahmedabad based development company called Nebula to accommodate the people who live on their Changador construction site, where they are building a large apartment scheme. Typically labourers migrate seasonally from rural tribal areas from the same state and various other states in India to work as unskilled labour on construction sites in urban areas. The on-site living conditions that labourers typically live in are dangerous and inhumane. Nebula hired us as architects and project directors to build this labour colony, which can accommodate up to 500 people. This is a reusable model colony that we hope can be improved upon and replicated throughout India.

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The labour colony is made up of 72 rooms, semi private court yard and verandah spaces, a creche, communal kitchen and 29 toilets and bathing spaces.

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There are two sized rooms - a small room is 3m x 3m and accommodates on average 4 people. The larger rooms are 3m x 6m and house on average 8 people.

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Shaded outdoor areas

Many rooms open out onto a shaded 3m x 6m shared open space. This is an important buffer area, where various daily activities and socialising can take place. A seperate communal cooking area was built for men who come without their families. We hope that having a space allocated for men to cook and socialise will free up the shaded courtyard spaces in front of the rooms so that women and children will feel more comfortable here.

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